The Rural Smallholding Now Has A Gate That Opens And Closes Safely At Night

The rural smallholding has always been beautiful to those who could only imagine it. But talk to those who have been blessed with the territory. It is no mean feat to keep it operational. For one thing, it is so far from civilization. And in that sense, the rural smallholding could be said to be operating in hostile territory. It is left to the rural farmer or agriculturalist to do everything within his powers to keep his land, its possessions and its inhabitants safe.

At times, a deeper level of inventiveness would be required. The use of rural gate openers (it closes the gate too) is one giant contribution towards the small business owner’s safety and security requirements in the back of beyond. His hours tend to be a lot longer than most in congested urban networks. With so much space to roam, you would have thought. You would have thought; what a pleasure to be out in the open, always absorbing the clean, fresh air.

rural gate openers

But isolated and alone, you would have to have your wits about you, always aware and alert. Longer working hours mean driving across land in the black of the night. The rural gate openers work automatically. As the driver approaches the gate, he can gently nudge it and, presto, it opens. Once the vehicle passes through the gate, the gate does not stay open for more than a few seconds. So, there is little chance of an unseen intruder slipping through without being seen.

And unless extreme force is going to be used, no-one but the smallholding owner, or anyone entrusted with the safekeeping, is able to open the gate. The land is safe. All is well.